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DIAMOND with IGI certificate

Looking for high-quality diamonds for your jewelry collection? Look no further than our diamond with IGI certificate. With diamonds ranging in weight from 0.53 carats to 3.02 carats, our selection offers the perfect symbol of love and commitment for any occasion. All of our diamonds are of high clarity grade VVS2 and come in a range of colors from D to G. The round shape and cutting style give our diamonds a timeless elegance that you'll love for years to come. Order now and get ready to accessorize with the finest in diamond jewelry.

The certificate number is indicated after the weight of the stone.
Copy the certificate number to check the authenticity of the diamond. you can follow the link on the main page our store a-lux.net and select IGI.

Delivery time ranges from 7 days to 13 days, depending on which country to send to.

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