Diamond ring "Young Lord"

Introducing an exclusive diamond ring from the A-lux brand - the Young Lord's dream accessory. Crafted from an 18-carat cushion-cut diamond and customizable to suit individual preferences, this ring is a sign of elite status and luxury. The high-quality 18k gold finish ensures durability and is perfect for enhancing any outfit. Whether worn alone or paired with gemstone jewelry or a wristwatch, it is sure to make a statement. The ring measures 14 x 14 cushion cut, starting at 8 carats, and features 48 additional round cut diamonds. 18 carat gold and weight 30 grams. Make a lasting impression with this ultimate symbol of luxury.

Ring production time is up to 4 weeks. You can choose the stone that you need. Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Black Diamond, Colored natural diamonds. Before ordering, write to us your wishes for making the ring. We will be happy to produce what you desire.

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