Introducing the stunning DIAMOND RING featuring a dazzling Cut Radiant central stone weighing 2.84 ct and certified by IGI. The vibrant Fancy Vivid Yellow color and VS1 clarity of the Diamond central stone complement the 18K White and Yellow Gold band beautifully. The ring also features additional Diamond stones weighing 0.3 ct, enhancing its elegance and sophistication. This exquisite diamond ring is perfect for engagements, special occasions, or as a luxurious gift. Trust the ethically-sourced Diamond and the IGI certification for a stunning and conscientious investment.

Production and delivery time from 3 weeks - 5 weeks.

Cut - Radiant
Certificate - IGI
Central stone - ECO Diamond
Stone weight - The weight of a diamond may vary depending on the size of the ring. average from 1,8 carats to 3 carats
Clarity - VS1
Color - Fancy Vivid Yellow
Gold - 18K White and Yellow Gold
Add. stones - Eco Diamond
Add. stones weight - 0.3 ct

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